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What is the deadline for submitting reservations?

You can submit your reservation up until 48 hours prior to the departure or arrival.


What does combined transport stand for?

Combined transport involves connecting passengers from different addresses who declare the same or similar departure / arrival times. Thanks to this solution, your transfer will be cheaper than a taxi ride.


How does private transport work?

Private transport involves renting a car only for yourself. When ordering private transport, you decide about the time of arrival at the airport.


How will I know that my reservation has been confirmed?

Confirmation will be sent to the email address provided in the booking form within 24 hours of notification receipt.


What if I didn’t receive any confirmation of my booking?

It means that we are unable to provide the service at a given time. 


Can I pay for my transfer in cash?

No, your payment can only be submitted in advance, through our online platform.


What if my flight has been delayed?

In the event of a delay, please send a notification to the carrier via the email address info@aviatorbelgium.be using your reservation number as reference.


Can I cancel my reservation?

Cancellation free of charge is only possible no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure / arrival. See more details in the regulations.