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Simple and clear rules


1§ General provisions

1.1 The following regulations set out the rules for the carriage of passengers and luggage by the Kamil Rogoz, which is the owner of the aviatorbelgium.be domain.

2§ Reservations

2.1 The booking of services at aviatorbelgium.be strictly depends on vehicle availability.

2.2 Reservations can only be submitted through the aviatorbelgium.be platform at least 3 days prior to the scheduled flight.

2.3 By submitting their reservation, the customer declares that they have read and accept the regulations on aviatorbelgium.be.

2.4 The Passenger or the Ordering Party accepts full responsibility for the booking data he or she provided on the plqtform and is obliged to check the correctness of said data, such as: date, time of flight, place of receipt, destination, contact telephone number and personal details of the Passenger.

3§ Payment

3.1 Payment for our services should be made online in advance through the aviatorbelgium.be platform.

4§ Transport details

4.1 In the case of airport transfers, the driver will take into account the time corresponding to the flight number added by the customer in the booking. Time for pick-up of checked baggage and any customs clearance will be added to the planned arrival time. (up to 90 min in the price of the reservation) The time of arrival of the aircraft is not equivalent to the time of pickup by the driver.

4.2 The driver will monitor your arrival time. If it does not agree with the one given in the reservation, the driver will keep the current arrival time according to the flight number as the main indicator.

4.3 All changes, including any flight delays or discrepancies (including the number of passengers) should be reported to info@aviatorbelgium.be with your booking number used as reference.

4.4 All flight changes will be considered but may result in possible waiting times due to the availability of your driver.

4.5 If you choose the combined transport option, the time of departure to the airport from the indicated address will be provided to the client 2 days prior to the planned flight, and the route will be planned so that the client is at the airport at least 1.5 hours before the departure for hand luggage clearance and 2-2.5 hours at checked baggage. When choosing private transport, the customer sets the time of departure to the airport on his own responsibility.

5§  Responsibility

5.1 Aviator Belgium is not liable for damages resulting from delays: including delays caused by waiting times at the airport.

5.2 Aviator Belgium is not responsible for delays, changes or cancellations due to force majeure or other circumstances that are unpredictable or beyond the control of the driver.

6§ Refunds

6.1 Any withdrawal from the contract must be prepared in writing and sent via email to info@aviatorbelgium.be

6.2 Returns will be transferred within 30 days.

6.3 If we receive your request to cancel your booking within 72 hours of the scheduled pickup time, the total amount paid for the transfer will be forfeited. Your payment will not be refunded for cancellations that we receive after 72 hours of the scheduled transfer you want to cancel.

7§  Disputes

7.1 These regulations are subject to Belgian law.

7.2 All disputes arising in relation to the regulations will be resolved by a competent court in Gent.

8§ Changes and cancellations by the service provider

8.1 In the event of a customer delay longer than 1 hour, the driver has the right to cancel the booking or charge a fee for the additional waiting time (exceeding the aforementioned 1 hour). If the driver resigns, the full amount paid by the customer will be refunded. Aviator Belgium is not responsible for any additional costs incurred for alternative transport.

8.2 If your flight is cancelled, please contact us via info@aviatorbelgium.be as soon as possible. If there is enough time, Aviator Belgium will do everything in its power to postpone the transfer until the new flight timelines. However, if the driver is already on the road or is already waiting for you at the airport, the booking will be considered complete.

8.3 Aviator Belgium will inform you as soon as possible if the driver has to make significant changes to the booking or cancel it.

8.4 Aviator Belgium will make every effort to find an alternative driver for you at no extra charge.

8§ Company details

  • The aviatorbelgium.be internet platform is the exclusive property of Kamil Rogoz
  • Address: Oostmeersdreef 48 bus 1, 9800 Deinze. Belgium
  • VAT no .: BE 0684870874